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Ahi Sport Fishing

Because of their speed and strength, yellowfin tuna are popular in sport fishing circles. Many anglers believe they are the fasted and strongest of all large-game tunas, pound for pound. There's also the added benefit of the yellowfin's culinary excellence, which can't be discounted as a reward for such a fighting prize.

sport fishermen with ahi tuna

Yellowfin likely became a sport fish when early pioneer fishermen invented the sport and discovered them a few years later off Catalina Island, California. While yellowfin had been fished commercialy in Japan and the Western Pacific, at the time no one understood why the tunas were near the island. Later, research discovered that yellowfin enter southern California waters when warmer waters come to the coastline, and particularly during the El Nino phenomenon.

Subsequently, yellowfin were discovered in the Bahamas, Bermuda, Hawaii and other previously unknown, but normal, regions of the tunas natural water range. Bermuda and Hawaii went on to become famed for their catches of the stunning yellow-finned fish and drew throngs of sport fishers to their waters, although their techinques varied greatly -- various styles of feather lures served as bait in Hawaii, but in contrast, Bermuda favored chumming techniques from boats anchored on banks. Bermudian experts developed techniques specifically for light tackle, and for many years, the records for yellowfin tuna (held by the International Game Fish Association) were dominated by this species. Hawaii took the heavier line classes with fish weighing 200lbs or more.

Today, thousands of anglers fish along the eastern seaboad of the United States for yellowfin tuna. Yellowfin is also a popular fish among anglers on the US Gulf Coast ports, San Diego, and other southern California ports. Larger, "long range" boats from San Diego also fix Mexican waters on many of the ranges long-ago line and tuna clippers used to hunt. Yellowfin is also a prize catch in offshore sport fisheries of South Africa, Australia, and New Zealand, as well as many smaller scale operations and outfits throughout the world.

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